Fusfoo Brand Film

Fusfoo commissioned Goodlookin’ to craft a brand promo for the launch of their new digital content network. “We are Fusfoo” is a reflection of how the platform empowers young people to create, curate and share content on the high school digital network. This message combines with poppy graphics and an energetic edit to bring the Fusfoo brand to life.

Little Daylight “My Life”

Brooklyn trio Little Daylight called on Goodlookin’ to create this fun-loving, action packed ode to youth and friendship for their catchy single “My Life”. The music video was co-directed by Brian Caiazza and John Threat with filming taking place over several days and in various locations in upstate NY and Far Rockaway, Queens.

Witness Company

Witness Company is an all-American brand led by the inimitable Grand Poobah WBP. The brand embodies a renegade, bad ass spirit; one who lives by hard work, rugged living and a get-it-done attitude. Our process film brings you into the workshop as WBP utilizes artistic precision and skill to hand craft each Witness Company ring. Tight macro camera work follows the swift, skilled hands of the craftsman. Deep in the woods of PA, the hideout vignettes provide an intimate, voyeristic peek of the Grand Poobah…

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