Selling the YP Way

YP asked us to animate a 5-minute 2D character driven narrative for a training video that would rally their sales teams. We assembled a group of animators and spent 8 weeks crafting this film. Happy, uplifting musical pieces & sound design composed around colorful, team-building illustrations set the stage for an awesome piece that we were super excited to be a part of.

MTV Act and DoSomething.org’s Cell Phones For Survivors

We were more than happy to help our friends at MTV create this graphic call-to-action promo supporting Cell Phones For Survivors, a DoSomething.org initiative designed to raise much needed funding for survivors of domestic violence. Poppy, fun, direct. Use your powers for good, people.

MTV Fanatasy Election

AHHHHHMERICA!  When a creative brief says something about a talking unicorn who rips off his horn and plays it like a trumpet, we stand up and listen!  The back story on this project includes umpteen rounds of character development and conversations about the unicorn’s slack jaw and cartoony eyes with a “Williamsburg hipster” hair cut… gotta love it. Another stellar national team assembled from the ethos which allowed Goodlookin’ to rock Flash and After Effects like a tweaking German DJ. …

GlowCaps for Vitality

Being a design company often means you have to go to school on a new technology or product in order to be able to sell it.  GlowCaps for Vitality is one such project. In a connected universe, ambient technology will assist us with our daily tasks like remembering to take our medication. We married contemporary with quirky for a unique yet approachable visual solution.

MTV New Year’s Eve

This co-branded spot with MTV and Geico uses flattened design to craft a funny, silly narrative including lots of details from chandelier smashers to motocross house rippers.

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