Fincad tapped Goodlookin’ to craft it’s first animated video explaining the functionality of their freshly launched analytics platform. They returned for a second piece to announce updates and added functionality. It’s always exciting for us to translate different types of concepts into unique graphic languages. (finance!)


Six weeks out from the grand opening of their Manhattan office, Infor enlisted the Goodlookin’ crew with a seemingly impossible undertaking, one that most of you probably would have declined.  A global software company that services 15 sectors of business and industry, Infor needed some branded content for their massive video wall as well as their additional signage (plasma and prime view monitors).  Did we mention there were only six weeks in the schedule? Creative Director Brian Caiazza conjured a…

Fusfoo Brand Film

Fusfoo commissioned Goodlookin’ to craft a brand promo for the launch of their new digital content network. “We are Fusfoo” is a reflection of how the platform empowers young people to create, curate and share content on the high school digital network. This message combines with poppy graphics and an energetic edit to bring the Fusfoo brand to life.

Covergirl Inspiration

Goodlookin’ designed and animated this multi-spot campaign for Covergirl as part of a collaborative production with GoodGreatGrand.  These epic pieces carry the viewer thru artistically rendered 3d worlds for each of the characters as she answers the question “What inspires you?”  All hands on deck as we packed our studio with 3d, 2d and compositing talent to accommodate the hefty task of creating these cool pieces.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool asked us to craft an epic 45-minute video promoting their new Options Program. Here are select frames & a small (sped up) teaser from that project.

MTV Act and DoSomething.org’s Cell Phones For Survivors

We were more than happy to help our friends at MTV create this graphic call-to-action promo supporting Cell Phones For Survivors, a DoSomething.org initiative designed to raise much needed funding for survivors of domestic violence. Poppy, fun, direct. Use your powers for good, people.

Mosaic by Tribune

Microsoft tapped Goodlookin’ to craft an animated demo for Tribune’s news aggregating app, bringing the viewer through it’s functionality in a sophisticated and thorough way.  Tasked with bringing Mosaic by Tribune to life and simulating its best features prelaunch, it was crucial for Goodlookin’ to work closely with the dev team to gain the necessary insight responsible for this sleek and elegant demo.

MTV Fanatasy Election

AHHHHHMERICA!  When a creative brief says something about a talking unicorn who rips off his horn and plays it like a trumpet, we stand up and listen!  The back story on this project includes umpteen rounds of character development and conversations about the unicorn’s slack jaw and cartoony eyes with a “Williamsburg hipster” hair cut… gotta love it. Another stellar national team assembled from the ethos which allowed Goodlookin’ to rock Flash and After Effects like a tweaking German DJ. …

Quicktake: Rodarte

We were enlisted by our good friends at opticnerve to create the animated titles for this film about the making of Rodarte’s exhibit at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Taking direct inspiration from the clothing and exhibit design, the titles are an atmospheric layering of typography, images of fiber, texture and color, and light.

Windows 8 Featured Apps for Microsoft

Microsoft called on us to help them promote all the awesome apps found in the Windows 8 marketplace. Requiring fast hands and a nimble team, Goodlookin’ swarmed in to craft this visually rich piece which takes the viewer on a journey from device to device, covering lots of ground and highlighting all the exciting features of each of the apps. According to  creative director and animation lead Brian Caiazza, “Goodlookin’ was required to assemble and animate each of the apps…

GlowCaps for Vitality

Being a design company often means you have to go to school on a new technology or product in order to be able to sell it.  GlowCaps for Vitality is one such project. In a connected universe, ambient technology will assist us with our daily tasks like remembering to take our medication. We married contemporary with quirky for a unique yet approachable visual solution.

Savvy Trends Spring 2013 for Nordstrom

Our Nordstrom client dropped this fun project in our lap with the missive to “Just have fun with it!”   Our ability to craft a film with only a pile of stills and a music track allowed us to produce this sassy gem.  With edge and confidence, this collage-infused edit carries the viewer along a fun and poppy narrative.  So much fun! p.s.  Video catalogs are the wave of the future!

Flickr for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7

Partnering with Fjord, we created an appealing and energetic video demo for Flickr’s Windows 7  and Windows Phone 7 apps…in just under two weeks!  Most likely the first app demo of it’s caliber launched into the cybersphere, this trailer premiered at the 2011 CES conference where it generated excitement and stoked anticipation for the feature rich photo sharing apps’ release.  Flickr was extremely impressed by Goodlookin’s ability to jump in with the development team, taking screens from the UI designers…

Nordstrom Presents: Jean Paul Gaultier, opening night at the de Young Museum, SFCA

“The Jean Paul Gaultier film might be one of my faves.” – Brian Caiazza A strong edit, composed and stylized by layering the footage of Gaultier’s exhibited collections was thoughtfully intertwined with an inspiring interview.  Every line is quotable as Gaultier discusses his career, the evolution of his work, and his thoughts on (not really) being a rebel.  So charming and focused, it’s understandable why he is one of the greats. We <3 JPG!

MTV New Year’s Eve

This co-branded spot with MTV and Geico uses flattened design to craft a funny, silly narrative including lots of details from chandelier smashers to motocross house rippers.

Gamepad on MTV Tr3s

Even though this guy didn’t make it to air, we just had to feature him.  This transforming robot/B-boy/Mexican wrestler remains one of our all-time favorite creations.

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