Quad-digital #art

Using a Poisson solver to generate a heightmap from a reaction-diffusion vector field. (Not really that just sounds awesome)

Architectural Renderings

Architecture. We have strong feelings about architecture. Our homes, our offices, our dreams. These stills are from a piece we built utilizing Vray & C4d.

Photography Website in progress.

We’re proud to be launching Brian’s personal #photography site. Delving deeper into #fashion, we’ve been exploring lifestyle and studio shooting. Check it out!    https://briancaiazza.viewbook.com/

Test Ui w.i.p.s.

Lately our attention has shifted to thinking about the importance of future  #UI. #design & #hud It’s a vibrant world of complex graphical interplay. More later…

Neon Tests

Our friends at Opticnerve asked us to do some test 3D neon signage for a commercial production they have brewing. We were quite happy with the results. Blinky!

January Creative

New Creative Fine Art Works. A little raw. A little gold. Using the human form in my work has pushed these pieces into a realm I’d love to consider Fashion Avant Garde. The last piece is clearly starting to combine the geometric pieces I started with and the Cyber Human™. A bit of Sci-fi. A bit of †3ch. Peruse the Instagram for more.

Fincad F3 design frames

As a design company we spend free time playing, experimenting and developing new techniques. Learning and hoping…. Hoping for the right project to come along where new things can coalesce. When Fincad called we had a feeling. We reached out, took a good look at what they needed, and what we had in our arsenal. By the end of the project we knew it had gelled. Check out the final piece here.

January 2, 2015

Outside our studio door the wind blows, or rain drops fall. On this day, Brian grabbed the 5 and decided to capture it. “Seasons change, mad things rearrange but it all stays the same like the love Doctor Strange…”  – LAURYN HILL 

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